Monday, August 17, 2009

Making things happen

Making things happenAndy came down for another visit.

This time to help with getting mains power into the new workshop space I'm creating on board.

The huge advantage of having Andy help is his insistence on doing things right.

If it was left to me, there would probably only ever be an extension lead trailing through to the workshop. If I was feeling really enthusiastic, I may even have routed it below decks somehow.

Needless to say, doing things right needs power tools of every description.

You would not believe just how long it took to tidy up after this particular day's work.


  1. Whats the cylinder for? a bulbous nose on the keel perhaps? it works and reduces your fuel usage too with a few mods to a long out of use bottle and a cardboard template to scribe it around your existing keel! have a look at the "Nordhavens"

  2. Hi Rob

    The cylinder is an old gas cylinder I found abandoned.

    The plan for it is to convert it into a wood burner sometime before winter.



  3. Ahh! what a great idea I saw a prograll on TV where a guy was making them in Cornwall and a business prfessional was going to help him become a millionair but then the program was cut? using one of those as a bulbous nose is worth a consideration you could possibly get a couple of more knots with it, according to the "Nordhaven bouys"