Thursday, August 06, 2009

Getting tidy

Getting tidyI know it doesn't look it, but the deck space on Lady Jane is getting progressively more tidy again.

Another run to the council tip should see the rubbish, which I've been storing in tins on deck, gone sometime soon.

The plan for the space you see under the whaleback is to cover it over, such that it then becomes a workshop.

This workshop would then replace the sheltered working space I had with the gazebo, which I really miss.

The advantage of the new workshop space will be that it should be useable in almost any weather, which was never the case with the gazebo.


  1. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Cover it over how? Steel?

  2. Hi Anonymous

    I'll probably use wood, mostly because it's going to be quicker and easier to undo if it looks awful.

    I can always do it in steel if it's to become permanent and the wood does not last.