Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fame - of sorts

Away againThis picture has been published:

In a Schmap guide

My ego tells me the Schmap folks spent hours searching every nook and cranny of the internets, to find only the best pictures of Micklegate.....

What I didn't tell them was it was snapped with my mobile phone (cell phone) camera, simply because I thought I should take at least one picture while I was in York. Actually I took a few of York in the end, but never got round to posting them on Flickr.

To be fair though, the Schmap guides do look interesting. For example, based on what I see in the guide, I think I should at least take some time out and explore Southampton.

Recently, I also had some design company wanting to pay for the use of three of my images, the trouble with that was they had the wrong TimZim so, sadly, no cash from them!


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