Thursday, July 30, 2009

The demise of Andy's bunk

Andy's bunkIt had to go.

The trouble was it had got covered in bitumen, sacrificed as part of the painting down in the fish hold project some time ago.

Bitumen is great for protecting steel against rust, as it never really dries out. I think it flows into cracks, scratches and gaps over time, which dry paint would simply not do.

Touch anything with bitumen paint on it and that bitumen inevitably ends up on you, especially if you are wearing your best clothes.

Knowing that now, I'll think more carefully about where I paint with bitumen paint again.

So far as a replacement for a bed goes, Andy has his trusty hammock to fall back on. So no worries there.

By the way - there are pictures of Andy not lying down someplace...


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Such a finely crafted piece if furniture! Where are you going to find another manky bit of plywood to replace it?

  2. Ahh - maybe the tide will bring me a little something?