Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wagner Electronic Spray Gun

Wagner electronic spray gunI intend to do as much painting on Lady Jane as I can over the summer.

Last summer was pretty much a write off when it came to painting outside, so this year I plan to try to make up for that.

The recent activity in replacing the steel plate astern has reminded me of just how good that primer looked when it was spray painted on, in comparison to using a roller, and certainly a brush.

Most of the painting I do on board at the moment is with mini rollers, purely for the convenience of it.

While looking for something else I discovered this Wagner electronic spray gun, which seems quite appealing as I don't have to mess about with compressors or 'big' power to get spray painting done.

The issue I have with compressors right now is that of three I have on board, the small one, which doesn't really have enough puff to spray anyway, has a problem with the pressure switch, the one I bought on eBay is still in pieces and I don't want to use the boat compressor if I can avoid it, as it's crucial for starting the main engine.

So far as I can see, the only downside is the weight - using a 'normal' spray gun gets tiring after a while, so that thing would wear a guy out in half the time!

Anyone else have experience or opinions on this?


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    The airless jobs are very loud.

    Before buying I would contact the manufacturer of your favourite primer and top coat and ask them about applying with an airless gun. What do they recommend WRT to thinning and coats and whatnot?

    Those things are meant for latex paint and staining fences. I have never heard of putting thick oil based lead primer through them, but if it works, go for it.

  2. Hi Anonymous

    Most of the painting I do is with two pack epoxy, they thin down for spraying just fine.

    Not checked regarding airless though, so thanks for that.



  3. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I tried an airless spray very similar to the one you pictured, using International Paints Interprotect. The results were very, very ordinary! When I enquired further, they pointed me to the instructions which basically say "Single pack, water based only". Save them for acrylics and suchlike, and get yourself a working compressor (how many compressors can a man have, anyway?) coupled to a pressure pot and a good gun. With the type of work you're undetaking, anything less is going to add too much time and expend too much energy. Make it easy on yourself!

    Chris, Sydney AU

  4. Have a look here!

  5. Hi Chris

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I note the one I'm looking at says it can handle solvent based paints.



  6. Hi Rob

    Looks like nothing but negative comments for the airless systems.

    The one I am thinking of is new (the comments are from 2006/2007), so may not be as bad as the others commented on.

    I'll have one in my sweaty mitts later today, so will make a decision after having a good look and reading the spec/instruction sheet.

    With this stuff, you just don't know until trying I suppose.



  7. Tim,
    In my experience those little pump guns cannot cope with two pack at all, you have to thin the paint sooo far that it just loses the plot completely. I bought one ages ago and after it's dismal performance, I relegated it to the shed for spraying fences, a job at which it does alright, just.
    Real airless sprays, those that pump directly from the can and are petrol driven, now they're a different story, with a price tag te match

    I remember the guys who did up Poole Belle before she went to Scotland, they did a really nice job on their hull by using an HVLP (hi volume low pressure) machine that came from the dreaded machine mart, I assume they were using two pack. Worth investigating for you at least, I know the Earlex people who make the cheap hoovers do one. The poole belle boys had one guy on the scaffold with all the gear, he'd spray a six foot wide section, and then his mate would push him along a bit, it was quite quick, funnily enough, their hull were the same colour blue as LJ.

  8. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Fix your good compressor and get an HVLP setup. It will serve you for a long time and will be flexible and efficient.

    Even for the jobs they're intended for, the airless guns are at best passable.

  9. Anonymous4:24 PM

    ...and just to amplify on the compressor: you would get a good deal of use out of a powerful, quality, working compressor. This would enable you to sand/media blast, operate air tools such as sheers, grinders, sanders pin-hammers and whatnot, and spray paint. A truly general purpose refinishing tool.