Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Transition The transition continues.

Here you see Fred getting stuck into a tricky bit there with his roller.

Getting this second coat on has taken longer than I would have liked, on account of the poor weather forecast for the Monday a few weekends ago, but it is at least continuing.

Don't underestimate how much work goes into painting on the insides there, as all those edges have to be painted around.

With appropriate tea and lunch breaks, of course, painting that side by myself takes pretty much all day.

Hopefully it won't be too long before this is all looking white and beautiful, which in turn motivates me to paint more.


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    You weren't tempted to bash that section of the gunwale back into its natural shape with a sledge before finishing all the painting?

  2. Hi Anonymous

    I was tempted, but thought I'd rather get the paint on all over the place, then touch up the odd parts that are subsequently worked on.

    If you look carefully, you will see that whole section by the scupper needs sorting out. It's going to be quite a big job, so who knows when I'll get round to it. In the meantime, the fresh paint keeps her looking good.

  3. Anonymous6:54 PM

    What is it that is alongside you there anyhow? And is it not a problem that your hull appears to be in direct contact with it? That can't be good for the paint.

  4. Hi Anonymous

    It's a crane & it's barge you can see.

    I have plenty of tyres and a rubber 'bumper' separating us, so the paintwork is fine.



  5. Is "fender" the word you're looking for? :-)

  6. Hi Pete

    Fender sounds a bit too posh for dear old Lady Jane.