Friday, June 19, 2009

Another boat project

Another boat projectHere's another boat project, just arrived, going on near me.

To give you an idea of the scale, look at the car on the bow, and the yacht towards the stern.

I know nothing about the boat, or the people, just yet. But no doubt will get to know more as the months progress.

I look at that and think about how I felt when I first got Lady Jane - come the 24th of this month, it will be five years.


  1. Its easy to fall in love with a vessel like Lady Jane but that????? ex? dry dock??????? only its mother could love it??? :o))mind you the landing craft front might be usefull and therer is a lot of space and it wouldnt take too much in the way of swinging hammocks to house an army of backpackers while I was in the throws of refurbishing her?????? Hey here I cgo its got its teeth into me already forget about the first statement about not falling in love with it I feel the pangs already!!! Thankfully its not for sale :o((

  2. Hi Rob

    Just a small point...

    My picture really does not do it justice, as the pointy end is on the other side.

    The 'landing craft front' you see is actually it's stern.

    Not that that will help it's mother love it much more!

  3. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I agree that it does look a trifle utilitarian. Probably nothing a hundred or so portholes and a slightly more imaginative paint job wouldn't fix.

    The inside space is probably just an enormous cavern, so that would have to be carved up into decks and compartments.

    Is the stern a landing-craft type affair? Is this an ex car-ferry or something like that?