Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rust busting

Rust bustingFinally a break in the weather gives me an opportunity to get out there and do more rust busting.

Here I continue on from where I finally gave up last year on account of the weather.

The 'mess' you can see is the result of a diligent days worth of chipping and wire brushing.

While working, covered in dirt, I found myself thinking 'Here I am after nearly five years of owning Lady Jane. If anyone is thinking how glamorous it would be to have a steel boat, they should take a look at me (or anyone else who blogs on progress on their steel boats for that matter) and think about how they would feel about going through all that themselves'.

After a long, hot, shower and sitting on deck in front of the barbeque in the evening I felt that warm glow of satisfaction, the result of a good day's work.


  1. Ah!!! the joys of a needle gun on a Sunday :o))

  2. Hi Rob

    It was actually a breaker (Hilti TE104), as I've found they are better all round than any of the needle guns I've tried.



  3. Ahhhh! my mistake sorry! Great job though.

  4. 'Tis the season. Checking around with our fellow boat bloggers, it's clear that the weather brings out the paintbrushes! Looking good & a marvelous system you have with the different colors.