Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saltwater pressure sensor

Saltwater pressureThe next pressure sensor to go in will be to measure the saltwater cooling pressure.

The main reason for choosing to implement the raw water pressure sender is that Lady Jane currently has no gauges showing this pressure, so I think it's a good choice.

For reference, this piping is located towards the port side rear of the engine, just behind and below the intercooler.

You can see the piping has had a coating of primer, done some time ago, but the painting in the engine room got somewhat delayed by other projects. Part of the delay was caused by the winter and an engine room that was just a little too chilly to be working in.

Anyway, I have everything I need, so it should just be a case of undoing the plug you can see and screwing in the new fittings.

Experience has shown that this is not likely to go according to plan and, because the plug is below the waterline, I should do this when I have plenty of time and will be around for a while afterwards to ensure all is well.

At some point in the future, I'll also T into the system and re-instate the saltwater pressure gauge in the engine room. Makes sense, obviously.


  1. Tim,
    Why don't you screw on a tee first with the bullhead (or side outlet)
    looking up.
    Then you could put you sensor straight in and the gauge in the bullhead.

  2. Hi Bill

    That's the eventual plan, right now I don't have any of the pipework etc. for the gauge just yet as it had all been cut off by one of the previous owners.



  3. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Do you have valves to allow that seawater circuit to be closed off?

    If not, now might be the time.

  4. Hi Anonymous

    Yes - Lady Jane's seawater cooling system has two separate seacocks which seal perfectly well, so far as I know.

    The issue is that I'm a belts and braces kind of bloke when it comes to this kind of thing.