Friday, April 24, 2009

Lifeboat drills

Lifeboat drillsHere the crew of the Sand Weaver practice their lifeboat drills.

A serious exercise I know, but I just can't help thinking the crew, with their helmets and high viz gear, look like cartoon characters puttering around in their lifeboat there.

It all looks such a precarious operation, being lowered down in the lifeboat like that.

I'm sure this is something nobody wants to experience for real.


  1. They look like Playmobil men !

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Safety first. Have you laid in a couple of flotation suits and a EPIRB?

  3. Good morning Tim! Haven't "heard" from you in a while and just writing to send our best from the coast of Maine. You may have noticed that we will be bringing Wanderbird to the Caribbean this coming winter and thought you might want to join us for the ride down. Ps...the "one of these is Happy" picture on your blog page might want to be wiped off.....

  4. Hi there Rick & Karen.

    Posts updated...

    I love the idea of joining you on the ride down to the Caribbean.

    I'll update the troublesome picture soonest.

    Best regards