Monday, March 02, 2009

Seb's dogma tied to my karma

Seb's dogma alongside my karmaIn what is probably a once in a lifetime experience, both Seb's and my blogs came together in the form of our respective vessels being alongside each other last week.

Seb & Becky needed a nearby 'staging post' on their voyage from the very expensive Saxon Wharf launching dock, round to their final destination.

As was inevitable, much time was taken up with comparing notes on various phases of our respective projects, the sharing of ideas and experiences and, of course, reminiscing.

The whole process was aided by the liberal consumption of beer and wine.

A very productive and enjoyable weekend.

Thanks Seb.


  1. Boy, what a site!

  2. Cool picture, I was surprized to see how big their boat was when they were launching it, but it looks small next to yours.You must be living on a whole floating village, Im so jeolous. Do they have a working motor on their boat or are they just getting it towed from one place to another?

  3. Thanks again tim for being such a gracious host, I had a ball, and Lady Jane IS huge! I am full of vim to begin the next chapter in Wendy Ann's transformation. Better get the rest of the journey out of the way first though eh?

    Nice one.

  4. By the way folks, we didn't consume beer and wine at the same time. That would be wrong.

  5. Hi Marc - it's all go here.

  6. I Cyberangel

    Seb's boat no longer has an engine - a combination of space and money considerations.

  7. Hi Seb

    Great to hear of the renewed motivation.