Tuesday, March 10, 2009


MaintenanceThere is always some routine maintenance job or other to do on boats, Lady Jane is no exception.

Here you see my freshwater pump - it periodically pumps water into a pressurised holding tank whenever the water pressure drops below a certain point.

The packing on the pump needs tightening every now and then, and occasionally replacing. If this is not done, as happened last weekend, the pump gets air in it and will not pump the water back up to pressure. Not difficult to sort out, but a nuisance.

Other maintenance tasks on the weekend involving pumps were: Pumping diesel into the day tank for the central heating and pumping saltwater into the toilet header tank.

I usually try to get the maintenance jobs done at the beginning of the weekend, leaving me clear for other boat projects, though this does not always happen.


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Is this the water supply for the galley and heads, or something to do with the mechanicals/engine?

    On a tangent, do you picture having a desalination rig at some point?

  2. Hi Anonymous

    This is the pressure for freshwater throughout the boat, so the engine fresh water top up is done via here as well.

    The heads are currently on a saltwater feed - via a header tank on the aft deck. It can be converted back to freshwater with a quick change of the fittings.

    The plan is to consider this only as part of a much bigger voyaging plan, as the main freshwater tank will take some 3000 litres (666 US gallons), so desalination would only be needed for really long voyages with plenty of people on board.

    From what I can gather, desalination is only practical in blue waters, and only really when it is going to be used more or less continually. Else the maintenance (pickling) is just too much.