Thursday, February 19, 2009


SplashdownOk, so splashdown may be taking a bit of poetic licence here.

What you are actually seeing is the culmination of Wendy Ann 2's transformation from so much scrap metal into an actual floating vessel.

An emotional moment for all concerned. More pictures here.

Hearty congratulations on such an amazing achievement, Seb and Becky.

Both Seb and Becky stand out as shining examples to all of us in similar circumstances. Their almost single minded commitment to getting the job done is nothing short of amazing.

Even I, the eternal optimist, at one point had doubts that Wendy Ann 2 would ever get back in the water. It is good to be proved wrong from time to time.

Seeing this launch, in turn, also helps motivate me with Lady Jane.


  1. Tim,
    The picture's of Wendy Ann 2 seem to be in reverse order except for the first one.

    They are very good photo's.
    I don't remember Seb ever taking photo's of the whole tug, so I was very interested in them.

    Thank You
    Bill Kelleher
    Toledo Ohio usa

  2. Hi Bill

    I'l have a go at fixing it in the set.

    It was simply the order they got loaded into Flickr.



  3. Sweet! I am glad you were there to bear witness Tim. Thanks for the "scoop" on posting photos. I am so, so very happy for them. Phew!

  4. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Great pictures of the rebirth of the Wendy Ann 2 Tim.Long may she sail/roam the briny deep.Tony in frozen St.Anthony.

  5. Great pictures of the Wendy Ann 2 thanks fopr that! I have folloed their progress from the blog and am so pleased for their final launch. Havent they done well! congratulations to you both! Rob

  6. Hi Bowichick

    I thought Seb and/or Becky would have blogged about this for themselves by now, so feel vaguely guilty for the scoop.



  7. Hi Tony

    Yup, I echo your sentiment there in cold St Anthony.