Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old sensors

Old sensorsI know I've only recently started posting about PC based gauges and monitoring for Lady Jane's main engine, but the reality is that this step has long been in the thinking and planning stage.

Pretty much since I bought Lady Jane, I've been aware that much of the old wiring has simply been hacked out even though it may still have been operational, including wiring for the old engine sensors.

I've got two old sensors on the gearbox, a neutral switch and the sensor you see in the picture, none of which are connected to anything which renders them pretty much useless.

After enquiry with Amot Controls it turns out that the blue sensor you can see is a combined pressure and temperature switch.

I've no idea how it was all set up, but I presume it was an alarm for the freshwater temperature going too high, or the oil pressure dropping below a certain point. At least that's what I'd be interested in having alarms for.

Anyway, the fact that oil poured out of the sensor casing when I opened it up leads me to suspect the control itself is unlikely to be much use in future, chopped wires or not.

Loosing the old control gives me a convenient take-off for an oil pressure sensor, which can easily be mounted somewhere nearby and, when I'm ready, will also provide a handy place to mount the freshwater pressure sensor.

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