Friday, February 13, 2009

More insulation

More insulationThe insulation continues to spread.

Here you see insulation recently installed above the engine room space, right in the core of the boat.

Right now, with it being so cold and miserable, there is not much else I feel motivated to be getting on with.

There is no doubt that I'll never get this part of the boat properly insulated, but this is so much better than bare steel. Seeing as I have a roll of the high-tech insulation, I may as well put it to good use.

I get the feeling that once I have all the reasonable spaces insulated, winter will probably be over and I'll be thinking that I could have been doing something more productive on board.


  1. I love that "the insualltion continues to spread" too bad it doesnt work like that eh! Put some insulation up in a corner and watch it replicate and spread until every nook and cranny is filled. It would be so much easier that way. You wont regret all this work . Your ship will be cooler next summer and much warmer when next winter rolls around. By then you will be warm enough to focus on other projects.

    Its funny how we are driven by neccesity. I kept bugging David to keep working on insulating his place last summer, but he put it off and is paying for it now.

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I'm guessing the objective of this insulation is to keep the warmth from leaking out of the deck above, rather than to keep the engine room warm and cosy. Is that right?

    Is the engine room vented directly to the outside somehow?

    On a side note, how are or will be the living spaces ventilated? With hatches shut and steel all around, I expect some of them could get quite stuffy. Are there air ventilation ducts around that I haven't noticed?

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    as you say tim it will soon be summer and i can see me steering in my jocks you have so much insulation!! I have loaded charts into my laptop and purchased a bluetooth dongle and i am looking at bluetooth gps to top it off,hey presto no paper charts! not bad for a classic techno phobe like me eh! speak soon John

  4. Hi Cyberangel

    The insulation theme is beginning to sound a bit repetitive though.



  5. Hi Anonymous

    The space above the engine room is also the corridor between the galley and the wheelhouse and, in addition, is where the shower room is located.

    The objective is not so much to insulate the engine room, as the space above it.

    The engine room has two large 'mushroom' vents up forward and also vents out the exhaust stack as well.

    The living space in the stern accommodation is well vented to the outside right at the stern, in the space between the galley and the steering room, while the galley and shower room have their own, smaller, mushroom vents.

    To add to the ventilation, the watertight doors are, at the moment, somewhat less than watertight.

    I hope that helps.



  6. Hi John

    Ha ha - I don't want to be thinking of you steering in your jocks thanks.

    Actually the insulation should help cool things down in summer, as it's on the deckhead below you (just remembered I have to do something about a seat for you).

    it's going to be quite the high-tech wheelhouse by the time you get your moving maps and I have my engine telemetry up and running.