Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Head insulation

The insulation is slowly spreading to other parts of the boat.

Last winter was cold, but not as cold as this one. Hence the sudden emphasis on insulation.

Head insulationHere you see insulation finally going onto the walls of the head. Those walls are outside walls, so tended to get quite damp with condensation when it was cold.

The bracing against the insulation while the glue dries made using the head 'interesting' for a while. As Fred observed "it's a little like dodging infra red beams".

The deck-head (ceiling), had been done a while ago, but until the back wall is also insulated, sitting on the 'throne' will still not be a comfortable experience when it's cold.


  1. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Wheathead Dean says: Good work. There is a interesting new insulation product showing up in the USA. It is a double layer bubble-wrap with very thin aluminum foil on the outside. It meets fire-retardant standards for house construction, not bothered by moisture, etc. It is a bit expensive but in a 6mm thickness is the same insulation value as 90 mm of fiberglass batting. Also a new type of "instant spray-foam in a can" has come out that is rated as a fire-stop (not flammable) for use in sealing holes, etc. It is a orange colour foam.

  2. Hi Dean

    Thanks for that.

    I've made a post today, that I think has reference to the high-tech insulation. It may well be the same thing?