Monday, January 26, 2009

Rubbish day

Dead gazeboSaturday brought some unexpected good weather.

So good in fact, that I saw some folks at the marina opposite fire up their on-board barbeque in the evening.

Anyway the calm, sunny day provided a perfect opportunity to float the platform across for another load of fresh water for Lady Jane.

Seeing as the platform was going across, Fred and I loaded it up with the boat rubbish that has been collecting up both above and below decks for the last few months. This included the remains of the gazebo, which had been neatly stashed - awaiting just such a day.

With the fresh water container left filling up alongside at the marina, Fred and I carted a truck load of boat rubbish off to the nearby tip.

I do feel vaguely guilty about throwing boat rubbish into the tip. People come along and throw away pristine looking book cases, mattresses, fridges and things, whereas I arrive and tip in the dirtiest, rustiest, most useless stuff you can imagine.

Just so as we are clear on this. The boat rubbish is the stuff collected as a result of working on the boat. Not the day to day domestic, or household, rubbish which gets routinely thrown away at the marina.

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