Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rev counter

RPM chartingThe black line you see on the chart is the engine RPM, or rather a test version of it.

After thinking things through, I went for a Hall-effect sensor to measure the revs of the main shaft, as mentioned by anonymous. A magnet glued onto the shaft will create a measurable pulse through the sensor each time the magnet passes it. Something I did not previously know about.

The reason for my choice was the concern that any optical sensors would get dirty really quickly and stop working, whereas the magnetic sensor should work regardless of the conditions. That and the optical sensors I got from Maplin were tiny, so adding to my doubts.

Using a Hall-effect sensor also gave me the opportunity to play with magnets. I bought a few extra to play with, but am now kicking myself for not also buying the most powerful one I could find just for the laugh of it.

In reality only a small magnet is required to be glued somewhere convenient on the main shaft of the engine where it will pass close to the sensor.

Seeing the temperatures and RPM charted together like this really motivates me to get this all onto my main engine as soon as possible. The Hall-Effect sensor will need to be bolted onto somewhere solid, but other than that everything else can be glued or clipped into place.

I'm looking forward to seeing the figures and charts a live run will produce.


  1. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Hi Tim,magnets are great,one of the only sources of free energy,i've always though of ways to run motors by using magnets alone.I've been checking on youtube and have found lots of the same ideas I have already in development.Seems the CIA and big companies/oil companies don't like the developments to bypass their products,ie gas driven cars.There have been systems developed to run motors on water...h2o to hho or somthing like that.Check it out on youtube.We as a civilation have not advanced much since the internal combustion engine....or technology advancement have been restricted by big companies/oil companies/governments ,(mainly USA)it seems that way anyway.Warm day here in St.Anthony..only -16c...it has been really chilly.Tony Roberts.

  2. Tony......never knew you were so radical. Miss ya

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Just dont leave them for me to find in the wheelhouse adjacent to the compass tim,mind you it might make it work!!