Friday, January 09, 2009

Ply ceiling

Ply ceilingMore progress down in the stern accommodation space.

Talk about intricate cuts on pieces of ply.

Slots needed to be cut to fit the gussets you see there on the left plus the ply curves against the shape of the hull, though it's not that obvious in the picture.

Here the job is made just that little bit more interesting by the size of the hatch. The width of the ply I can bring down is limited to two foot at a time.

For an idea of size, the completed section you see is comprised of three roughly two by eight foot strips (122*244 cm).

The job is made even more challenging by the slope of the hull below the ceiling, as it's impossible to stand below the sections you are working on.

Andy crafted a pair of short 'ladders' which you can just see in the bottom right of the picture. This enabled us to balance ourselves more easily to work in those otherwise inaccessible spaces.


  1. Its looking really good Tim!:o))