Tuesday, January 13, 2009


More insulationThe galley just got a whole lot warmer.

For a while now, I've been mulling over how to reasonably elegantly handle the transition between the woodwork in the accommodation space below and the bare steel surfaces in the galley.

In amongst all of this, we've had a bit of a cold spell here in the UK. Nothing like you guys in Canada or the US, obviously.

I'm not sure when the inspiration occurred, but inspiration it was. Start with gluing insulation onto the steel, then neatly and permanently secure the whole lot in place with plywood and batterns.

In a flurry of activity, Fred and myself set about slapping insulation over sections of steel in the galley.

The space age look won't last. I'll get that plywood on as soon as possible, hence providing that transition between the tounge and groove down below and the rest of the galley.

The immediate effect of all of this is that the galley is substantially warmer, with less heating.

This is another of those occasions when I find myself thinking "why didn't I do that ages ago?".


  1. It's finally warmed up round these parts. Sometimes those "round tuits" are hard to come by. Stay cozy!

  2. Hallo Tim !
    Got the link from spray-insulation
    Nice work ! Really intresting !
    Got my self a time-consuming sh...
    A question; were to bye Rustroy ?
    Do you have any good shop ?

  3. Nice work, you'll make back your costs on heating over time. Look forward to seeing some pics when you get the plywood on.

  4. Hi bowiechick



  5. Hi Ib

    I get my Rustroy direct from Rustroy themselves.



  6. Bi Boat Repair

    It's not so much the cost, not that that's not important, but the comfort.

    Previously it took a lot to get the galley warm. Now it warms up nice and toasty really quickly.