Friday, January 23, 2009


HamnfjordThis is the Hamnfjord, a venerable old ex fishing trawler which is moored just down the river from me.

I was asked for information on her by Gerben an embarrassingly long time ago, and have only just got around to getting a few pictures of her.

There are more images to see. If you are interested, just click on the picture and you will find them.

I know some of them are a little blurry but I'm making no apology. It was windy and cold when I went down the river to take these pictures, so no time to hang about making art.

Other than the fact that she is there, I know nothing more about her. If anyone has more to add to help Gerben, please feel free.


  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Would this be the next project?

    -46 Willys, from flickr

  2. She looks a bit of a beast Tim .Is the hull riveted or welded , quite nice lines ,she looks more like a small coaster in style.
    A good restoration project for someone with a lot of enthusiasm and fairly deep pockets.
    Keep us posted


  3. Anonymous8:29 PM

    She was a norwegian coastal steamer and has a riveted hull with some welded modifications,but the original lines can still be seen,I would guess she dates from around late 1920s to 1930s and as such has seen a lot of history,she appears to have some new residents and I hope to see some signs of life in the spring,but my chipping hammer and painting hand is twitching at the sight of that nice little tug,Drool! Drool!! tied up to her,see you in Feb Tim I am off until the 3rd feb,regards John

  4. Ha ha -46 Willys, as if.


  5. Hi Andrew

    As well we know!



  6. Hi John

    Thanks for that.

    Cheers, Tim

  7. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Built by Werf Isaac Samuel Figee, Vlardingen
    Former sailing vessel, motorised in 1928, lengthened in 1934,
    converted to a fishing vessel in 1945, and then to a salavge vessel in 1953
    refitted again in 1989.
    hull is rivited.
    i am looking at her myself for conversion.