Friday, January 30, 2009

Circuit boards

Circuit boardsI'm discovering just how labour intensive it is to make up 'proper' circuit boards.

Each of the eight temperature sensors is to be mounted on it's own, purpose drawn, circuit board.

I know I can print out circuits for transfer directly onto a board, but that's the advanced lesson for sometime later.

These boards each need 12 holes drilled for the component and attendant wires, plus another two holes for securing the wire, then the whole shooting match soldered up good and proper.

This, I'm sure, will not be the last of the tedious Lady Jane jobs that can only really be achieved by me getting my head down & getting on with it.

This is not a complaint, mind, the learning and experience is fun.


  1. Hi Tim

    If you are interested ,I could machine out and drill the holes in your circuit boards on one of our cnc machines ,all I would need would be a piece of board and the co-ordinates.the machine will cut out the board and put in the holes and any slots,mounting holes rebates ..etc..
    And of course no charge.


  2. Hi Andrew

    All done now. I'll keep that in mind for other projects though.