Wednesday, December 03, 2008


SpeakersWhen I bought the radio, the guy at the shop said I should buy the biggest speakers I could.

When I then looked at the really big speakers, he said that I would also need an amplifier to drive those.

Looking at the prices of the less big one's, I settled on these as a compromise - The biggest I could get for my money.

The wood there will need varnishing, at least, so it blends in a little better with the rest of the woodwork in the wheelhouse.

Still, I'm very happy with the sound from these speakers. It's akin to the quality of sound you first experience when hearing an MP3 played through good earbuds.


  1. I can imagine it.. everyone quiet in their boats when suddenly in the distance,the percussive OOOOHMMM-tissss OOOOOHMMM-tisss OOOOOHMM-tiss you come slowly up river...

  2. Woot! Woot! Rock on Tim!