Thursday, November 06, 2008

Down below

Down belowNow it's fast approaching winter, and the weather has gone into a steady decline, it's time to continue the good work down below.

On odd days, when it's been miserable, I've been doing some stuff in the stern accommodation space. Not much.

Now it's time to see if I can get this space finished off at last. At least in terms of the overall shell.

After reading posts elsewhere, looking at pictures of other boats and thinking it through, I'll probably paint the wood white instead of varnishing it.

The varnish would probably make the place darker and less appealing.


  1. Anonymous5:41 PM

    You could go half way and use a light coloured stain -- maybe a very light grey or light blue. It seems a shame to have used fancy looking wood only to go covering it all up with paint.

    ...has some light colours that would still show that there's wood underneath.

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Do you have a set overall plan for this space? eg: bunks here, lockers there, partition down here, a table next to that, etc?

    The odd shape of the floor -- to my mind -- lends itself to bunks over lockers. I would have expected to see you building in mounting points for furniture or lockers and such, but hadn't seen that. It kind of makes me wonder what the plan is.

  3. Personaly I like the natural look of wood and in that space I think a warm but lighter stain could look sharp, especialy since the ceiling would be painted to brighten it up (I assume). Although I thought you used pine which doesnt stain all that well and it can turn out yellowish after finished. The walls, for lack of a better term, are a larger impact in this space than traditional house walls so the impact will be huge. Of course what you do with built in furniture or bunks could be made of or accented with the opposite of the walls (stain or paint). But the space looks great so far and im sure it will turn out amazing. It always seems like no matter how much research you do for a project all you can do is pull the trigger and hope it comes out right.

  4. See! Men never want to paint the wood, ha, ha! I say, paint it as it just make it look bigger and brighter. Perhaps an antique white?

  5. No advice on paint vs varnish Tim, but when I see that pic all I can think is...
    "skateboard space!"

  6. Good decision Tim ,varnished pine is a bit seventies , Also you very rarely see varnished pine in boats. But before you paint remember to use Knotting sealer otherwise you will get Knot stains appearing after a few years.

    Best Regards ; Andrew

    P.S . I still have the rib ,so maybe in the Spring !!

  7. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for that handy advice. Something I would not otherwise have known about.



  8. Hi Marc

    Thanks for that.

    Who knows how it will end up?

    Before starting to build out the interior, I'll take lots of advice and help from wherever I can.

    I had an offer of help from a reader, by email, which I've not done much about taking up, as I was busy topsides.

    Now work down below is starting again, what with the weather and all that, I'll follow that up.