Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back bit

Back bitIt's a bit of a blurry picture, I know.

Maybe time for a new camera????

Anyway, here you see the first of the tiers of pine cladding going in at the back of the stern accommodation area.

Not long now & it will all be done.

Most of the time was spent working out just how I was going to do it, then building the supports for the cladding to go onto.

You can see the supports for the next tier in place there.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Just curious...

    This is the fish-hold, yes?
    Do you still have access to the bilge under all this? Where is that?
    When finished, how will you maintain access?

  2. Hi Anonymous

    No, this is the stern accommodation. Accessed via the galley.

    You can just see the boards covering the bilge in the foreground there.

    Access to the bilge will be provided through this sole, as the prop shaft needs to remain accessible.



  3. Hi Tim ! a nice reference to Wanderbird here from a couple of aquaintances of mine (Mick, Bea and Toots) ! its certainly a small world. http://www.gtmoore.com/hannah/

  4. Hi Rob

    Thanks for that. It is, indeed, a small world.

    Captains Rick & Karen - your fame spreads!