Thursday, October 02, 2008

Platform painting

Platform paintingHere Fred diligently sweeps the platform, in preparation for painting.

All the platform will need after painting is a set of wooden skids, to help launch the thing.

The skids should also make subsequent recovery so much easier than the last time.


  1. Skids are a great Idea ,when we put an engine in the boat in france I spotted an eight foot piece of pontoon floating in the creek and thought that it would be a benefit to use it as a direct walkway on to the boat. It took two of us about two hours to winch, pull, and lever it into position. Much harder to do than first imagined, so Once again I think the skids are a great idea.

  2. hey TZ once again , and emphaticly, ..would n't Fred like to come to Maine for a while? ;) All the best!