Monday, September 15, 2008


PopcornAbout the only thing I ever use the microwave on board for is popcorn, which I REALLY enjoy.

For some reason, could be my lack of patience, the small generator does not seem to have enough puff to drive the microwave.

For all kinds or reasons, in the past it's been too much effort to crank up the microwave using power from the big generator.

Now though, with Andy's help, I have a 16 amp (easily upgraded to 32 amp) mains input plumbed into the forward bulkhead, under the whaleback.

Now either of the generators I have, or shore power for that matter, can be plugged directly into Lady Jane's mains power supply via the switch we installed some time ago.

The really key thing here is no more extension leads trailing through closed, supposedly watertight, steel doors.

Now it's a doddle to plug in the big generator and have sufficient power at the socket where the microwave sits.

It seems such a small thing, I know, but it's hugely significant.

Needless to say, this momentous occasion was celebrated with a freshly microwaved bag of popcorn.


  1. You must really like pop corn Tim

  2. Anonymous12:12 AM

    My kingdom for a bag of popcorn I guess....

  3. Hi Andrew

    The popcorn is just the start of big power being available to me from both existing and planned sockets throughout the boat.



  4. Hi Anonymous

    Maybe not my kingdom...