Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keeping me honest

Keeping me honestThe picture you are looking at is of the bulkhead up in the forepeak, looking back down towards the stern of Lady Jane.

The inside view of the deck plug-in point now installed on the boat.

The point of the picture is the cable tray, and accompanying cable.

If it was not for Andy keeping me honest, I would simply have left the cable dangling, or maybe cable-tied to whatever was handy at best. One of the 'I'll do it later' jobs I'm so good at.

I know it all needs painting, but that is just the icing on top of a solid cabling job there.


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    How's the cable-tray attached? It looks like you've welded studs (bolts) to the wall and then bolted the channel to that.

    Are you not going to have to take it all apart now to prime and paint the welded bits?

    Is the cable-tray actually that, or some other galvanized channel that you've pressed into service?

    Does it have a cover that fits over it?

    Is it meant to eventually follow the lead down to wherever it comes from off the bottom of the photo? If not, what's the point of cable-traying just this little section?

    Why not PVC or galvanized conduit? That would be easier to install, I would think.

    Are you going to have to colour code your electrics like with the pipes in the engine room? Yellow for 24V, black for 240V, blue for 110VDC etc. maybe.

  2. I swear, Tim, every time I think I have a busy week working on Katherine Jane, I check your progress and thank my stars I'm not as busy as you with your Lady. Ah, it's all good motivation to keep going!

  3. Hi Anonymous

    The cable tray is indeed a stud welded to the bulkhead.

    There is plenty of space behind the tray to prime and paint (with some effort).

    The cable tray is the genuine, expensive, item.

    There is no cover - I have yet to decide about cladding etc. for that space.

    The cable tray actually ends at a pipe, which routes the cable below decks.

    Cable tray seems a more robust solution for the vessel, compared to PVC, and cable tray is preferable to conduit as more cables will inevitably follow this one.

    The electric cables are being numbered (an ongoing project). The colour coding is a good idea though.

    I hope that answers your questions.

  4. Hi Seb

    Questions and constructive criticism is good :)



  5. Hi Jamie

    Funny that - I was thinking the same of you with all that varnish etc. you have been doing.