Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a joke!

What a laughEvery time I see this boat I have to laugh.

Carbon footprint reduction - on a powerboat like this?

At a consumption rate of 60-70 gallons per hour, these things cannot be called economical by any stretch of the imagination.

I would think that if they were that serious about reducing their carbon footprint, they would race sailboats.


  1. cyberangel5:30 PM

    OMG thats priceless Tim, its like here , the more you hear about global warming ect, the more SUV's people rush out to buy.They just dont get it.I bought a 18 foot runabout and after one summer of paying for gas to run it, I want to sell it.

  2. I think the word is irony, hah.

  3. cyberangel7:35 PM

    Hi Tim, I just got around to reading the beginning of your blog 2004.I can so relate to your experiences and wonder of it all.The post about living on the river, the tides ect, the one about trying to fit the fridge in, been there done that! We live in a parralel universe only you got a bigger boat. Great writing and insights. You really took to the boating world quickly( as you have to if you want to stay afloat) Cant wait to read the rest and get caught up. Good job Mate!

  4. Hi Cyberangel

    Thanks for the comments.

    I also keep up with your blog, found via Tana, so know exactly what you mean.

    Take care.


  5. Hi Marc

    You got it!



  6. Above all for me is the noise pollution these stupid things make more than anything else. I see these as completely useless kinds of boats to have. Can you tube or water ski behind it. Probably but would you really want to.

  7. Hi Tana

    I'm not against powerboat racing as such, each to their own.

    It's the concept of reducing their carbon footprint from XXXXXXXL to XXXXXXL that makes me chuckle.