Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy river

Busy riverBank holiday weekends generally mean the river is busier than usual.

Even with the poor weather we have been having, this last holiday weekend was no exception.

One odd thing though, I looked out of the wheelhouse window at about eight in the morning on Saturday, to see two people swimming in the river right by the side of one of the working quays opposite me.

Neither looked particularly distressed, but it's an odd place for people to be swimming. It must also have been pretty cold in the water there.

Once the second swimmer got out of the water I saw he was fully clothed, so I assume he had fallen in the water in the marina further up and was swept down river by the current.

I'm guessing his swimming companion, who was wearing only trunks, must have stripped off and jumped in after him to save him.


  1. "They" say that if you're around the water long enough, you WILL go in. How about you, Tim? Have you ever fallen in? We know our bowiechick has been in twice & I've managed to escape so far, but I don't recall any immersion stories from you?

  2. Hi Jamie

    Yup, I've been in - it was not pretty.

    Generally when I do things, I do them in style - my going in was no exception.

    Suffice to say that it was at night, alone, in winter, and I ended up covered in blood. The result of having my workbench falling on my head once I was in the water.

    Nothing serious, but that could oh so easily have been much worse.

    Bizarrely, I was going to put my life jacket and hard hat on immediately after I had finished the task which tipped me into the water.

    I did not blog about it at the time, except for an oblique reference, due to tensions with the folks at the yard where the boat was at the time.