Friday, July 04, 2008

Wind Generator

Wind generatorThis has been a bit of an ongoing saga.

At the back end of January, the wind generator suddenly quit working.

After one call with the folks at Eclectic energy, I returned the generator to them - some two years after their normal one year warranty runs out.

A few weeks later, my generator was returned. It had been completely rebuilt - all for free.

The expectation is that this will now run trouble free for years to come.

I cannot say often enough just how much I appreciate dealing with companies such as Eclectic energy, who stand by their products and their customers.

Anyway, the saga really started after getting the generator back.

The issue not being with the generator itself, but in getting the generator re-installed atop of Lady Jane's mast.

First there was the weather - I had a spell of months where it was forecast wet and/or windy on the weekends, so getting the generator up was impossible to plan.

With an improvement in the weather, Robin has seemingly disappeared. So no progress there either.

I've been doing other welding on bits and pieces, so feel confident enough to go do it myself now, although I would still prefer it was properly done.

The picture shows the generator all assembled and tested, though not yet cleaned.

Next is the installation.

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