Monday, July 21, 2008

Wind generator up

Wind generatorFinally it's up.

It's about time that wind generator got installed.

What with one thing and another, it's just not happened until now.

Again, like so many things, I find myself thinking 'I should have done that ages ago'.

For the first time in a long while, I've not had to run a generator over the weekend. Except, of course, to do the welding up the mast.

My expectation is that with a reasonable wind, I should not have to use a generator for domestic and most work on the boat over a weekend.

Obviously for calm days and power intensive jobs, such as rust busting, I will still need to use a generator.


  1. Congratulations Tim! a really great job.

  2. A friend of mine who was a ships electrical engineer use to say that he welded with DC direct off the "catering batteries" and used no actual welder! Ive seen lead acid battery terminals soldered on using their own battery power (on Milkfloats) but never DC direct welding

  3. Fred (WWR)12:57 PM

    Looking good Tim!!

    Just a quick question. do you have a way to hook your generator directly into the ship's electrical system for emergency use?

  4. Hi Rob, thanks.

    I think that welding experiment is something to try on someone else's batteries!



  5. Hi Fred.


    The generator produces 24V DC which via a regulator connects directly to the batteries.

    The generator must always be loaded, else it 'runs away', so going via batteries is the only real option I have.



  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    You must lso have a shunt-load somewhere, or else your batteries would get overcharged -- probably worse for them than the odd bit of welding.

  7. Thants for sure Tim!

  8. Hi Anonymous

    Correct on the need for a load elsewhere.

    The regulator I have, which can charge 2 battery banks, 'dumps' any excess voltage to a pair of big resistors, which simply heat up.



  9. Electrics are the one thing that makes my head hurt trying to understand them.
    It's amazing how small the wind turbine looks up the mast