Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunken boat

Sunken boatYou can just see the outline of the top of this boat's wheelhouse below the water there.

Even it's wooden tender is sunk.

It's a little sad really, seeing the slow demise of this abandoned boat.

This boat finally sank just a few days before this picture was taken. As the tide goes out, so it reveals itself again - looking progressively sorrier.

You could bet that, although abandoned, the owner would soon show up if someone else adopted this boat and started doing something with it.

Not that anyone would want to at this stage.


  1. What a shame! totally uncared for? or perhaps the owner is equally uncared for, and unable to check out his previous pride and joy! I find that there is always something sad about a neglected or sunken boat :o((

  2. What and where is the boat Tim ?

  3. Rick and Karen Miles12:11 PM

    Hey Tim! Just departed St. Anthony headed across the Straits of Belle Isle to Labrador. Should make landfall around 1600. Had a visit with our mutual friend Tony here and he asked for you. We missed having you aboard though understand that you are busy. Be well ol' friend and we'll try to keep in touch and send you some polar bear photos in the next month or so. Kind Regards, Rick and Karen aboard the Wanderbird

  4. Hi Rob

    A big shame - I agree.

  5. Hi Andrew

    It's at the marina opposite me. Subsequently pumped out and is now afloat again.

    Her name is Jambulaya I think.

  6. Hi there Rick & Karen.

    I was thinking of you guys.

    Great to hear of your travels & I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.

    Who knows, maybe next year I'll be able to join you again.

    Keep well & fair winds.