Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rib jet wash

Rib jet washYou are looking at the underside of the rib - after a first jet wash.

Those barnacle thingies are super tough, and sharp!

The jet wash does get the barnacles off, eventually, but you have to blast each one individually. After they come off, they leave a small patch of 'cement' behind which I just cannot get off.

I'm obviously paying the penalty for keeping the rib in the water for so long.

I have no doubt this job would not be nearly so tough if I did it more regularly.

I don't think much of that antifoul either.


  1. That means you are really looking forward to cleaning the Lady Jane's bottom !!!

  2. A friend of mine adds out of date antibiotic powder ( from a vet I think) to his antifoul and doesn`t antifoul more than once every four years?

  3. I believe that there is an ultrasonic system for steel boats (lady jane) that is installed centrally with three or more transducers connected to the hull, this apparently is quite good and negates the need for antifoul? I believe. Sorry I don`t have any details but a google search should chuck out something.