Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Old Sow

The Old SowWith the rib out of the water, I need something to get me between the shore and Lady Jane.

Enter the new boat, thanks to eBay, which has almost immediately been christened The Old Sow ,by Patch, on account of it's a pig of a boat.

That song is stuck in my brain now!

The second hand 15HP Honda engine I got with it has an accelerator control which behaves more like a switch - no power or full power! Added to which, the Old Sow seems pretty hard to control with any wind about.

Even at full throttle, the Old Sow won't get up on the plane. Somewhat of a disappointment for such a light boat and a 15HP engine.

Anyway, as it turns out, the Honda engine is not pumping cooling water through the engine like it should.

What I've had to do is change the 15HP Honda for the old 4HP Mariner which originally came with Lady Jane.

Oddly enough, as I discovered when running the Old Sow up the river where I saw Seb, if I sit right forward in the boat the 4HP engine eventually gets the Old Sow up on the plane. It's a struggle though.

I'll have to add the Honda to the pile of things to fix at home.

Hmm, from 85HP down to 4HP - what a come down.


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Just what you need -- a project you have to complete before you can make progress on the project that's blocking your project.

    Drop the Honda in a hold somewhere and don't look at it again until you're anchored off Thesseloniki on a bored Sunday afternoon.

  2. Hi Anonymous

    Dropping the Honda project sounds like a good plan, it's just that 4HP is sooo bad.

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    That will give you motivation to sort out the steering on your big RIB so you can get back at it.

    Are you going to work on your 85 yourself, or just send it off to the marina?

  4. I'm thinking of getting the 85 done at the marina.

    For a few reasons, but mostly they can do a 'proper' job on what is a crucial bit of kit

  5. My four HP honda gives no problems unless I forget to run it dry of fuel (ie turn the fuel off whilst its running so the carb is empty) and then I cant start it, other than that its Great.

  6. Hi Rob

    I've also suffered from 'petrol issues' with that engine.

    Mostly running out through sheer forgetfulness.