Monday, June 16, 2008

Out for a spin

Out for a spin"Southampton VTS this is Lady Jane with seven on board, heading down the east of the channel, then out to the west for engine trials".

That was John reporting our intentions to Southampton VTS as we were leaving the River Itchen.

Yup, we've been out for a cruise in Lady Jane!!!!

We've actually been working up to this trip since mid April, when Skipper John left some charts with me.

After a bit of a snag with the engine governor not responding like it should, it all came together and we set off in fine style.

What fun to be out in Lady Jane again, we cruised on down past The Needles and out into the shimmery shiny sea beyond.

Lady Jane performed impeccably, and we all got back safe and sound some seven and a half hours later.

She is such a different vessel now, compared to how she was when we first took her round to Fareham. As our confidence builds, and as things come together more, the plan is to take her on progressively longer voyages.

Big thanks to:
  • John, the skipper, for an excellent job done despite him feeling so ill
  • Patch for looking after us all
  • Fred for all the hard work in getting Lady Jane shipshape
  • Andy for all the hard work with the electrics, and on the day
  • Jenny for taking over in the galley during Patch's hour of need
  • Malcolm for helping with the inflatable.


  1. ooh how exciting! We've just been talking to our neighbour about going out for a weekend later in the summer. We were just making sure he'd be around to let us out of our berth, but as it turns out, he's keen to come along so it's looking like it's going to be a tagteam weekend down to Rochester and back. Seeing as how we have no idea how to drive our own boat, I'm feeling a bit better knowing there will be very capable skippers on board (to teach us) AND nearby!

  2. Congratulations Tim. The right weather for it too!

  3. You lucky sod. Must be absolutely brilliant! well done to all the crew.

  4. congratulations Tim. Must feel brilliant taking her out again.

  5. Congratulations Tim! Oh how GOOD you must be feeling after all your labours! Well done. Enjoy!

  6. Congratulations, It sounds so exiting! Will there be more pictures later? I do wonder if you could tell a difference in the engine after the clean out and such. Obviously you had a good time and I’m sure it gives you drive to do more so have fun!

  7. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Congratulations Tim & crew....nothing like the roll of the sea on a good ship....hope you have many long succesful voyages...Tony Roberts across the big pond.

  8. Fred (wwr)2:55 AM

    Great job Tim!!!! I'll bet you smiled the whole trip :) :) :)

  9. Oooh , how envious am I. That must be like the cherry on the icing .
    Three cheers for Lady Jane and her hard working crew.


  10. Rob Dunne12:38 PM

    Well done to all, sounds like you had good weather for it too. I may well be getting afloat soon, althought not in such a grand vessel as yours!

    Rob D.

  11. Thanks to one and all for all the comments.

    I normally reply individually, but have been a bit overwhelmed here.

    Everyone who has worked on Lady Jane over the years has to take some share of the credit here, not just me.

    Fred and Patch certainly deserve special praise. Without them, Lady Jane would be nothing.

    A big cheers.