Monday, June 02, 2008

MV Blue Marlin

Mv Blue MarlinHere's a fascinating picture, a warship being carried by another ship.

Two ships inextricably linked by history.

The warship is the USS Cole, the ship carrying her is the MV Blue Marlin".

This was first brought to my attention through the Solent Area Shipping News site, a site well worth bookmaking if you are in the Solent area, for news and updates on happenings in the area.

According to the site, the USS Cole is visiting Portsmouth, accompanying HMS Illustrious.

I love the picture of what almost looks like a toy ship, balanced on another weird looking ship.

At 154m (505ft), the USS Cole is some 5 times the length of Lady Jane. That is some engineering feat that. Semi-sinking a ship so that she can float her cargo on board, then lifting the whole lot up to travel.


  1. wow! that looks amazing. Any news as to why the USS cole is going to Portsmouth? and why she needs to be lifted instead of just coming on her own?

  2. Hi Rik

    Sorry about any confusion I may have caused.

    The visit to Portsmouth is as an escort for HMS Illustrious.

    The being carried home bit was related to her being bombed in Aden in October 2000.

    Full (public) story here: