Monday, June 30, 2008

How annoying!

How annoyingGenerally I don't take pleasure from other people's misfortune.

There are, however, exceptions.

The young lad you can see in the picture has recently appeared on the river, and persists in riding his inflatable at full speed up and down, round and round, and up and down, and round and round, for what seems like hours at a time.

I know, and understand, he is a youngster just having fun and not really causing any harm. But after a while it wears a little thin on the nerves. Especially on an otherwise peaceful evening.

Anyway, what is so delicious about this picture is that his engine quit while travelling up the river, against an outgoing tide with the added weight of his, presumably, less than enchanted, young female passenger to contend with. Payback!

I'm sure there were people in the marina opposite silently cheering as well. I know more than one of them have shouted at the lad for speeding at one time or another. The wash of speeding boats affects them far more than me, obviously.

How annoyingYou could imagine the groan going through the marina when this boat showed up, not long afterwards, and offered him a tow.

I know I had a voice in my head saying "oh dear, he's not going to suffer as much as I'd hoped!".

I hasten to add that he was perfectly safe where he was.

His 'rescue' was really only from total humiliation as he rowed against the tide in front of everyone, not least of which the young girl he must have been trying to impress.

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