Wednesday, May 21, 2008


WyetowOne for Tugster!

This is the Wyetow, from Itchen Marine, as she chugs back down the river past Lady Jane.

I love the names they give their various tugs:
  • Wyepush
  • Wyepull
  • Wyeforce
  • Wyeguard
To name but a few.

These tugs can often be seen chugging about Southampton water as they go about their various duties.


  1. tim-
    thanks for the wyetow. i'll keep my eyes peeled for big fishing trawlers.
    wil aka tugster

  2. All their names start with Wye so maybe it's someone's name or intials? What do you think?

    You might want to check the Shipping Information database. With a history dating back nearly 300 years to the ship movements. It is the acknowledged leader in maritime information and research.