Thursday, May 22, 2008

Preparation is everything

PreparationPainting the various engine systems is no trivial task.

Here I've just finished rust busting and cleaning up the outside of the intercooler, ready for painting.

In some ways, this is also a continuation of the intercooler project.

Next will be to get a coat or two of primer on, in preparation for the finishing coat.

I've opted for a kind of light blue for Lady Jane's compressed air systems, including the compressed air from the turbo, which will replace most of the blue you can see in the picture there.

Although I've not made a final decision, I'm tending towards cream for the main engine and other machinery.


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    looks good tim,i may have found you a slip but its a holiday away! checking the prices with a recent customer the exhusbands cost him 10,000 for two weeks!! so enquires led me to Fowey where apparently you can slip for 650 up and down and 50 a day if you give them a bit of work and you get cornish sun thrown in for free! and your willing skipper is drooling over the prospect of taking the old girl down there!regards john

  2. Hey tim,
    At Saxon wharf they have a saying. It goes....
    Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
    Nice work.

  3. Cream sounds good Tim, I have a bit of a thing about cream at the moment.I bet the seas been a bit rough in the Solent this weekend !!