Monday, April 21, 2008


VenturaOccasionally, when I'm in Lady Jane's wheelhouse, I'll have the VHF radio on in the background. It's usually tuned to channel 12, which is the Southampton Vessel Traffic Services radio.

From the radio, you can get a pretty good idea of that is going on in and around the port without too much effort.

On Friday evening, I heard the Ventura was about to set off on her maiden voyage to Barcelona, with over 4000 passengers and crew on board.

Given I had a full tank of fuel for the rib and nothing else in particular to do, I took the rib down to Southampton Water to have a look see.

Unfortunately my pictures came out very shaky, on account of the dark and the movement of the rib. The very short and shaky video clip is here.

Still, the sight of that leviathan ship passing in the night like that is something to behold. The Ventura is not the biggest cruise ship in town either.

I was the only spectator out in a small boat, which warranted a visit from the attendant police patrol boat. I suspect more out of boredom than due to the fact that I represented any kind of threat.

Further down Southampton Water, we were treated to a fireworks display. Put on to commemorate the Ventura's maiden voyage.

Next we have the three queens meeting in Southampton to look forward to.

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