Friday, April 18, 2008

St Anthony update.

St Anthony updateI have news from Tony, up in St Anthony, Newfoundland.

I met Tony when I was up there with the Wanderbird last year.

Tony writes:

"Here's a picture I shot today....the coast guard picking up someone off their ship Ann Harvey.

Ann Harvey was the Grace Darling of Newfound land, you know the Grace Darling story ???

Spring is here.....70 % of the harbour is still covered with ice 2 feet thick.

Still good for cross country skiing, riding on snowmobiles and ice fishing.

There have been a few polar bears passed our town, one hung around. They had to close the ski trails a couple of days.

We see bears every spring at this time."

It seems there is so much contained in what Tony wrote, the Ann Harvey story in particular.

Hopefully I'll get back up to that part of the world with Rick & Karen in the Wanderbird later this year.

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  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    look closly at the picture and you can see the guy they are hoisting aboard hanging from the hoist cable near the bottom of the chopper.