Friday, March 07, 2008

More varnish experiments

More varnish experimentsThe great varnish experiment continues.

I'm now trying yacht varnish, as opposed to the satin finish polyurethane which I used before.

Apparently the harder film formed by polyurethane varnishes are not supposed to be that good for soft woods like pine, which is what I'm primarily concerned with for down below, as it tends to de-laminate and go white if subjected to heat or shock.

Here you see the starboard side of the wheelhouse being given attention. This has just been sanded down after a first coat of varnish has been applied.

This time, despite the manufacturers instructions to the contrary, I've thinned the first couple of coats - 50% for the first and 25 % for the second. This is following the advice given by so many on the internet.

I've noticed that the first coat of varnish soaked deeper into the wood than last time, presumably on account of the thinning, so I suppose that can only be a good thing in terms of protecting the wood longer term.

The next coat of varnish I do will have no additional thinning, so the results proper should start to show.

One thing I really do notice is that the presence of dust is definitely a factor in the quality of the finish.

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