Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Life aboard

Working boatSometimes, through this blog, I think it seems to folks that all I ever do on Lady Jane is work.

Not so.

Being on Lady Jane is not a job, more like a lifestyle, and it's not all work of course.

I really love sitting reading up high in the wheelhouse, warm and cozy, where I can see all the activity on the river about me if I choose to do so.

Here I'm taking a break from reading to get a picture of one of the more unusual vessels, the Wilkit, threading it's way down the river in the late afternoon sunshine.

Interestingly the Wilkit splits into two, making it easy(?) to transport virtually anywhere by road.

Obviously they are on their way back from somewhere or other after a days work.

I'm not even feeling slightly guilty for doing nothing but laze about and read all day.


  1. Good to hear it Tim. It's not what you do but how you do it.
    Maybe you are lucky enough not to have the English guilt culture!!

    Regards ; Andrew

  2. I'd say you're a bit entitled to have a relax once in a while.

  3. Thanks Bowiechick :)