Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Header tank pump

Header tank pumpThe header tank for the head (toilet for you landlubbers out there) finally has a pump permanently plumbed in.

My original expectation was that pumping seawater into the header tank, with the electric pump, from time to time was not going to be a problem - not so.

That header tank would run dry at the most inconvenient times, and would do so surprisingly quickly with visitors on board.

To pump seawater into the header tank meant getting the pump out, unravelling everything, getting an extension lead out and connected, pumping the water, then stowing it all away again.

In the end it just ended up being a nuisance.

As it turned out, installing this, very good, manual whale pump took no longer than it would have taken to go through the whole palaver with the electric pump.

Now anybody can top up that tank - it's that quick and easy to do.

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