Friday, March 14, 2008

Andy's radator

Andy's radiatorI've been meaning to install a radiator down below, where all the work is being done, for a while now

Until now I've been toughing it out, or relying on the rather more lazy approach of using an electrc heater.

Andy's visit finally prompted me to get a radiator in. Last time he slept down there, in his hammock, he reported being very cold during the night.

It's one of those times that I think "why didn't I do that earlier?".


  1. Hi Tim Great job what with the "plug it in pipe" and all (great stuff isnt it) can I respectfully suggest that you consider putting some reflective insulation behind the rad to prevent 20% of the heat from the rad going into the timber. I commented on this before but you dont seem to have recieved it???
    :o(( take care!

  2. Hi Rob

    Thanks for the suggestion - I've just ordered insulation sheeting for the job.

    Your other comments went into Flickr, against the picture itself.



  3. Hi Andrew

    Got to keep my visitors hapy!