Monday, February 25, 2008


SuccessFinally, the intercooler insides have been cleaned.

Here you see the intercooler cleaning apparatus at work. That window is filled with cleaning solvent as it runs through the system.

I'll post a before/after picture of the intercooler tubes tomorrow.

In the event, once the cleaning solvent had been running through for a while, cracks started appearing in the covers. I suspect temperature differences played a role here.

With a change from dirty cleaning fluid to clean, the cracks opened up even more.

Eventually prudence dictated when to stop with the cleaning, as one of the cracks finally started to leak.

All in all, I guess I ran cleaning fluid through the intercooler for a good few hours.

That intercooler is as clean as it's going to get, short of taking if off completely and getting it professionally seen to with ultrasound cleaning.


  1. Hey TZ Looks finest kind. Funny thing though...I just noticed that while reading your blog it seems that I always hear your voice and accent as I read on

  2. Fred (WWR)10:24 PM

    Those certainly look like stress cracks, probably from the weight of the fluid and perhaps too much compression at the bolts. Were the holes exactly the size of the bolts?

    Great idea though, just needs a little tweaking to make it perfect. Perhaps a little thicker material and a spreader bar between bolts to more evenly distribute the load stress.

    Congratulations on another job well done.

  3. Hi there Rick & Karen

    And I see your happy smiling faces - that photo of all of us together comes to mind for me.



  4. Hi Fred

    Yup, I agree, stress cracks.

    I made the holes bigger than the bolt holes, though inevitably I suppose there must have been some tension on the plastic from the bolts.

    Those cracks only appeared once the solvent had been in there a while, so I assumed the temperature change was what opened the cracks up - metal & perspex expanding at different rates.

    No problems though - it did the job.