Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Once again...

Once againHere we go again...

Flushed with the success of painting with the blue, I set about starting on the tricky bit down below on the port side.

Fred, in the meantime, made a start with templating on the starboard side.

As I said before, this time I'll start putting in the wood from the bottom.

Because of the way the wooden battens lie, this side is quite different to the other.


  1. Hi Tim! I know its a bit late for me to mention this ( please don`t think ill of me because of this, it just occured to me, from my days of wooden floor laving ) but I hope that you have some heating in the area where you are storing the wood and indeed laying it, before fitting as ,unless its the right moisture content, about 8.10% it will shrink considerably and the mitres and horizontal joints may open.

  2. Hi Rob

    Hmm - I'll have to grin and take my medicine here.

    That's the first I've heard of needing to 'cure' the wood before using it.

    Too late now...