Friday, February 08, 2008


HammockI know it's going to be a while before the wood panelling is completed down here, but now is the time to start thinking about fitting the place out.

Andy happened to bring down his newly acquired hammock, which has me thinking maybe I get a few for myself.

The bottom line is I have still not decided how things will fit together down here, thinking I would need the services of some kind of boat interior designer to help.

It strikes me that hammocks would give considerably more flexibility to this space, as they are easy to set-up and stow. This leaves so much more living space for daytime use.

Hammocks also mean that this place is usable right now for visitors to sleep comfortably, while the fitting out continues.

It also occurs to me that napping up above decks in the warm spring sunlight in a hammock, with a gin and tonic to hand, could be pretty cool too.

It's obvious really, hammocks and boats are made for each other.


  1. Whilst I love em! they aren`t for everybody. and if you do make bunks make sure that they are at least six foot six long. nothing worse than a bunk that doesn`t allow you to strech out your feet. :o)).
    Where did he get his hammock?

  2. Hi Rob

    No worries there - I'm a six footer+ myself, so well understand the need.

    The link to the hammock co is in the text there.


  3. I agree with Rob, Hammocks are great for lazing in ,but have you ever tried spending a night in one and trying to turn over !!!
    The wood work is looking great,as for interior design there are some great books on Amazon .Also you could do what I did and sit down with some paper or if you are really clever using a drawing package on a computer and play around with some layouts . I am also finding that my modular system is working out really well .

  4. Fred (WWR)11:58 AM

    As an enthusiastic observer and by any means a interior designer, (just ask my wife), might I make a suggestion.

    A possible compromise between hammocks and bunks might be to have bunks that are hinged horizontally so they can be stowed out of the way when not in use.

    Looking good Tim !!!!!

  5. Hi Andrew

    I'm thinking, hammocks for now would be good, but not wasted longer term.

    The interior design will take more thought and research before committing.

    Computer modelling will be a must.

    En-suite or not is the first big decision here.


  6. Hi Fred

    It all helps..



  7. I wish I could do computer modelling !!!

  8. Vazzini3:01 PM

    Hey Tim;

    I am going for my Interior Design license this year. Currently working at a large Architectural firm. I read your blog almost every day. If you want I can give you pointers and help some with some space planning sketches for free just drop me an email. vazzini(at)gmail

    Honestly, unless you have a person there in mind, computer modelling is going to be too much of a hassel / expense to try and accomplish. There are far too many curves and angles to map out and verify (read: expert modelling abilities)

    Your best bet is to think of it in horizontal layers following human scale (thats who it is for). Floor layer, knee height, hip height, stomach height, shoulder, head, and above.

    Sorry for the novel-esque post.
    Cheers from Texas!

  9. Vazzini - you have mail.



  10. Just purchased one of the Hammocks Thanks for the info checked out the web for cheaper but not much about and mostly imported. I liked the idea of ripstop nylon having been a parachutist/paraglider enthusiast I know that things won`t go bump in the night, hopefully, :o))

  11. Anonymous7:03 PM

    your boat sounds wicked!
    thats my uncle in the hammock!

  12. Hi there

    Tell your uncle he should be working, and not dossing about in his hammock all day!