Tuesday, February 26, 2008


ComparisonI love these before and after pictures.

Here you see the fruits of the last few weekends effort, in stark contrast to where I started from.

I know it's not all gleaming copper right throughout, but nevertheless it's pretty good considering.

This trail was originally started with the discovery that there was no pressure being generated by the turbo.

Until Robin took one of the gauges off while the engine was running, nearly a year ago now, I had always assumed the turbo pressure gauge was defective.

It took servicing the turbo to determine that the problem was most likely a partially blocked intercooler, and not the turbo, that was causing the lack of manifold pressure.

Now with a fan blowing on one side of the newly cleaned intercooler, I can feel air flowing through the other side of the thing perfectly fine.

My expectation for good turbo pressure with the engine running is high here.

The job is not yet over though, as gaskets need to be made and the casings need to be put back on.

I think I'll put the turbo side casings on, but leave the other side open when I first run the engine. That will ensure that any loose 'bits' will get blown out of the side of the intercooler, rather than into the engine.

Once the engine has been run for a bit, I can then put the final cover on and re-start the, now, turbocharged engine.

That's the plan anyway.


  1. Marcus4:03 AM

    Good to hear! I have to wonder, would the engine sound different now than in the first video? I assume everything wasnt operating properly in the first. On the suject... a video of LJ steaming along would be amazing to see someday. Cant express how much I enjoy reading the blog. Too bad you werent off lake erie or the Ohio River, or i might stop by for a friendly visit.
    Keep it up

  2. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I'm glad to know that the cleaning came off as successfully as it has. I hope you did not wind up with too much of a mess -- at least less mess that you would have made with the sprayer.

    Getting airflow with a fan is a good indication that the intercooler is freed up enough for your needs. Congratulations.

    If you let the guck settle out of the solvent, you can filter the cleanest part through a cloth and use it for more engine cleaning projects.

    I would be careful running the engine with the inlet manifold open. There will be exhaust blow-by in the turbo air and you must be very careful to ensure you are not poisoned by CO when running with the turbo air coming into the engine room.

  3. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I am waxing my water skies tim!!
    A thought re-the slipping profile,would your friends on wanderbird have one of their boat to match yours?or are there archives in belgium which would be still available as she was a fairly standard boat? Roll on spring.Regards John.

  4. Hi Marcus

    Thanks for the kind comment.

    I'll see what I can do about producing clips of both the engine and LJ in action on the high seas.



  5. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks for the comments and advice.

    I'm sure the intercooler cleaning project has been far more successful as a direct result.

    Fingers crossed for the first 'live' run.



  6. Hi John

    Good idea.

    I'll email the contact I have in Belgium, to see what he can come up with.